Mining and exploration review north of the 60th parallel

The Cruz Companies have many capabilities


Reclaiming coal mine, Sutton Alaska

Founded in 1979, Cruz Construction Inc. is wholly owned by Dave and Dana Cruz and specializes in heavy civil construction and resource development projects in Alaska’s remote and difficult terrain.   Dave is a hands-on owner with over 30 years experience in construction throughout Alaska.  He is skilled in contract negotiations, administration, equipment operation, and maintenance.

In 2008, Cruz Marine LLC was formed as coastal and shallow draft experts in tug and barge transportation.  The vessels are shallow draft, ice strengthened, and designed specifically for remote, extreme environments like the North Slope of Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, and the Russian Far East.

Innovation, as well as an uncomplicated management style, makes the Cruz Companies what they are today – a team who successfully completes challenging projects in seemingly impossible situations, on-time and on-budget for our clients.

When combined, Cruz Construction Inc. and Cruz Marine LLC create a complete support system for our clients.


Cruz Construction’s D10T working to put out a coal fire in an abandoned mining area in Alaska. Judy Patrick Photography


With its state-of-the-art shallow draft coastal and inland vessels, Cruz Marine can haul heavy equipment, camps, fuel, and all types of materials.  The “Dana Cruz” is a 92-foot King River Class tug designed to meet the demands of the Arctic Coastline and all Western Alaskan waters.  This shallow draft tug, built to ABS standards, puts this 36-foot-wide vessel into a unique class of incredible versatility, strength, and stability.  The 50-foot by 25-foot “Grayling” is a shallow-draft boat tailor made to operate in the rivers of northwestern Alaska.  With a 3.5-foot draft, our tug’s can push barges where needed.

Cruz Construction is involved in construction, remote logistics, ice roads, and tundra transport services for mining companies in Alaska, as well as offering housing camps and support facilities at remote exploration sites.  In addition to providing support for an entire drilling operation, the company also performs heavy civil work, land clearing, fabrication, consulting, mine development, and reclamation.

Our camps are highly mobile and can be set up in as little as one day. These self contained camps include waste management facilities and water treatment plants.  We also provide shops and maintenance facilities large enough to repair all project equipment on-site. We make sure valuable man-hours are spent on your project, not travelling to and from the job site.  With nearly 200 beds spread between seven different camp configurations and two mobile shops, this infrastructure is catered to facilitate remote and mobile projects anywhere.

Our fleet of tundra-approved vehicles brings a new dimension to mining, exploration, and production in Alaska. Our equipment places Cruz among the most versatile and capable contractors in the state. With our tundra-approved vehicles, we can haul fuel, freight, and drill rigs and related materials, or anything else your project requires. Anywhere you need it; any season of the year.

Cruz Construction Inc. has the experience and equipment to construct ice roads and ice air strips in isolated locations. Virtually all of the company’s equipment, including low ground pressure vehicles, is air-transportable via a C-130 Hercules (Herc) aircraft. The equipment can be assembled and staged at an airstrip in the vicinity of the mine location. Then construction of ice roads, pads, and airstrips can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.


The tug ‘Grayling’ loaded with camps an equipment for remote airport in Alaska.

We are committed to hiring and retaining well-trained, experienced, and motivated workers. Our low employee turnover and safety record reflects that commitment.  Our seasonal workers have a high rate of return and many have been with the company over 15 years. Our crews have decades of experience supporting resource development projects all across Alaska, and they have the right equipment and skilled manpower to take on any task. Our experienced team uses modern equipment to meet our clients schedule as efficiently as possible. Cruz Construction’s on-site personnel have over 100 years combined experience in this highly specialized area. Supervisors, many of whom have been moving drilling rigs in Alaska for over 30 years, make sure remote logistics are done safely and quickly, as well as train our next generation of experts.

Few companies in Alaska have the dedication to succeed in this challenging area of exploration and mining support. By utilizing new and innovative techniques, we are able to get a head start on projects with a short season. We know the importance of a timely start-up for our clients. In addition to specialized equipment, we also maintain a fleet of low ground pressure vehicles, which minimizes disturbance to the fragile environment while allowing project activities to commence.

Where the road ends, our work begins.

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