SURVEY: Canadians would rather mine gold than make yoga pants or smartphones









Staffing company Randstad is out with its annual ranking of Canada’s most desirable employers and two of the country’s gold miners make it into the top 20.

World number one gold miner Barrick Gold and Vancouver-based GoldCorp, beat out the likes of yoga pants maker Lululemon, Blackberry, the smartphone maker that has recently fallen on hard times, and all of Canada’s banks.

The survey was conducted before the recent gold price rout and the subsequent slide in the stock of gold miners which hit Barrick particularly hard, may have an impact in future surveys.

The findings are based on the results of a survey among 7,000 Canadian workers and jobseekers and showed also showed what Canadian workers perceive as the most important factors when looking for a new employer:

A competitive salary and benefits is the top attractiveness factor when considering an employer (26%), replacing long-term job security which was the top consideration for workers a year ago).
High-tech Manufacturing (44%) is seen as the most desirable employment sector in Canada, followed by Transport and Logistics (41%), Engineering and Construction (37%), Raw Materials (36%) and Finance (35.8%)
Younger Canadians (under the age of 40) not only look for career progression opportunities (15% above average), but also flexible working arrangements (7% above average)


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May 8, 2013

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