Technically Speaking – HDR Alaska’s innovative use of GIS technology improves services provided to the mining industry

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HDR Alaska, Inc. is pushing the boundaries of traditional field data collection for the services they provide to mining clients. HDR’s field staff use innovative technology solutions such as geo-referenced video and database driven field devices to increase field work accuracy and productivity. By developing these solutions to meet project needs, HDR achieves an expedited schedule, increases cost savings to clients, and delivers accurate, standardized data that can be integrated into all project delivery requirements.

HDR’s GIS team works closely with their engineering and environmental science staff to develop tools that streamline all aspects of work, from data collection to analysis, and reporting. Their mobile wetland application allows the user to collect all wetland related data and then seamlessly integrate with desktop tools for quality control (QC), analysis, and reporting.  Eliminating paper forms improves field efficiency and data quality and results in a high quality, standardized product. Digital data collection and QC tools means HDR can rapidly deliver data and maps for clients.

27 - archerPat2HDR is also advancing the state-of-the-art traditional field observation by creating and using geo-referenced videos.  Geo-referenced, or geolocated videos combine moving video captured via helicopter and GPS track lines into a video product viewable on any computer or media device.  HDR has developed a cost effective process for producing these videos that provide a visual, spatial, and time referenced record by showing location along tracklines and time stamps embedded in the final video product.  When videos are integrated with other data for remote projects, field data can be verified, design decisions vetted, site conditions confirmed, and many other cost saving decisions can be made without return trips to the project site.  HDR produces geolocated videos using commercial-off-the-shelf tools and a custom designed video processing procedure. Because videos are processed using industry standard cameras and file formats, geolocated video products are ready for use on all major software platforms without additional software purchase, and can be easily adapted for web distribution.

Engineers, scientists, and project managers find value in the geolocated video’s ability to provide greater access to field observation and survey information.  At HDR, geolocated video products are used for:
•    Aerial Monitoring
•    Wildlife Surveys
•    Route Analysis Studies
•    Wetland Mapping
•    Ice and Flooding Tracking
•    And more…

HDR provides clients with innovative technology solutions for their projects. They strive to apply the best practical and sustainable solution for each client and their project. HDR’s approach is to do great work that results in life-long relationships with all of their mining clients in Alaska.
To learn more about HDR Alaska’s GIS program, contact local GIS Manager, Bridget Brown at


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April 23, 2013

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