Cheetah Resources gives a boost to local Electric Vehicle innovator YK Car Share Co-Op

Jan 21, 2023 | North of 60 News

Yellowknife NT,  – The NWT mine that’s producing rare earth elements essential to the world’s green energy and digital economies is showing its support at the community level to help promote electric vehicles (EVs) to Northern drivers.

The Yellowknife Car Share Co-op’s new, fully electric GM Bolt EV is now sporting Cheetah Resources’ yellow-and-black logo as the first private sector sponsor to back the YK Car Share’s initiative.

“We are grateful for the support of Cheetah Resources – our first sponsor from the private sector,” says Car Share Co-op Treasurer, Andrew Robinson. “Their support allows the YK Car Share to continue offering our GM Bolt EV at an affordable hourly rate. Electric vehicles and car sharing reduces the environmental impact and cost of doing business in the North.”

These are exactly the reasons Cheetah is proud to be a Co-op member and join the City of Yellowknife as a sponsor, says Vice President for Strategy and Corporate Development David Connelly.

“The minerals we are producing at Canada’s first rare earth mine will ultimately help drive electric vehicles built in North America and Europe and driven around the world,” says Connelly. “What the YK Car Share is doing embodies the reasons, and the resource, we are developing at the Nechalacho Rare Earth Mine: producing the elements essential to the transformation to electric vehicles.”

Robinson says the YK Car Share has grown over the last few years to over 55 drivers and continues to welcome new corporate sponsors and members. The car can be rented starting at $10/hour and is centrally located at the EV charging station near Sombe K’e Park in downtown Yellowknife.